Contact Me

Please read the following information carefully before deciding which option to use. Directing your inquiries to the wrong party may result in significant delays in receiving a timely response. Thank you!

Shipping schedule:

We currently ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from zip code 56387. When your order ships, you should receive a shipping confirmation e-mail from UPS, USPS, or directly from us. If you have not received your shipping confirmation within a week of placing your order, please e-mail so that we may check your order status. Include your Order # and name, and put the words “Shipping Inquiry” in the subject line.

For customer service issues on an existing order or on a website error you encounter while ordering:

I have chosen not provide a telephone number online to avoid having it picked up by spammers and telemarketers. Customers who have completed the ordering process will receive a confirmation e-mail with a Customer Service phone number, should it be necessary to contact me by phone. However, the most effective method of communicating with me is by e-mailing me at Please, do not use this e-mail address for questions about product use. See below.

If you have already placed an order, include your order number, and the billing name and address you used when placing your order. Failure to include this information may significantly increase our response time. If you are having a problem with a website error, first try a different device or browser. If the error persists, then in your email describe the specific error message or issue that you are encountering. I can’t troubleshoot website errors without this information.

You may also use the above e-mail address to send me your customer comments or observations. We welcome your feedback, and be assured that we will try to read each of your messages, although we may not be able to respond to each one personally.

For pre- or post-sale questions on product use:

Regrettably, especially during the busy season, I no longer have the luxury of being free to answer everyone’s e-mail inquiries with general trap use questions. As much as I enjoy chatting with my customers, my time is consumed with the manufacturing and shipping process. However, I realize that many of you will have questions about trap use. Most of those will be addressed in the instructions that are provided with your trap. However, for your convenience in finding the answers to additional questions you may have, a forum topic on the DRST has been created where you can benefit from the experience of other seasoned users of our product. Please visit the following link, where you will be able to post your inquiries, or find the information you are seeking by searching the forum. DRST Information at

Phone orders:

We’ve arranged with an independent online retailer to process orders that can’t be completed online (ONLY for the Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap – not for Sparrow Spookers or accessories). This retailer’s pricing and shipping charges may vary slightly from our own. If you are unable to submit online orders, send an email to this retailerincluding your phone number; they can then phone you and transmit your order to us online. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE!  For Customer Service, see above instructions.

I thank you for reading and following the above guidelines, and thank you for visiting!

“Uncle” Blaine