At Last!

A truly effective repeating sparrow and starling trap at an affordable price! Bluebird and Purple Martin ‘landlords’ are singing the praises of these traps. See what makes them different from other traps on the market.


  • Proven design: Hundreds of traps in use internationally and in all 50 US states
  • 24”X16”X8” solid pine galvanized hardware cloth construction for years of service
  • Recycled HDPE elevator arm minimizes need to adjust weight for wet/dry weather cycles
  • Live trap so any native species can be easily released unharmed
  • Self-resetting to catch multiple birds per day with no intervention needed
  • Large capacity – will hold up to 40 birds
  • When properly set it is virtually escape-proof. No more trap-shy birds.
  • Easy-access removal door
  • Full Instructions and trapping tips are included

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Customer Comments

Thanks. I bought 4 from you last Spring and trapped over 3000 in 3 months. I gave those traps to a neighbor who's losing more chicken feed than his chickens can eat. So I need these for me. Great traps! Ray, 2014

Up to 107 sparrows trapped since we bought your trap in December 2013. Rick

I have eight blue bird boxes on my property that use to add 20 to 30 young blue birds a season. However, the last couple of years the sparrows have taken over the boxes even though I have placed sparrow guards on the boxes. The worse thing was finding dead blue birds in the boxes. It was impossible to control the sparrows. However, there is hope. Following your instructions I placed a trap out on Sunday; by Wednesday I have already caught 16 sparrows and not one native species. You have a great product. Thank you.

I purchased one of your traps back in March, had it out for awhile with no results. I put it in my shed out of the rain/bad weather for a few weeks. I've since built a covered-platform feeder and have it set out next to the shed. Within a few feet behind it, on half concrete blocks and a piece of plywood, sits the trap. Just today, 4/27/08, I caught two male sparrows. One had gotten caught while I was in the house. The second, I couldn't believe, was caught when I was working maybe 30 or 40 ft away, covering seedlings for frost warning tonight. There was one bird in the trap when I started, and two when I finished. Monty M., Wabash, IN.

All that I can say is THANKS....... Martin colony, jays, cards and native sparrows in north Texas are much happier this year. Have caught 150 plus sparrows since March when I purchased the trap and they keep coming in. Ingenious design that keeps working 24/7. Darn thing is worth its weight in gold.

Dear Blaine,Your traps did it. My barn is free of English Sparrows and my Barn Swallows are happily settling in for a season of catching flies and raising babies. I had noted three sparrow couples hanging about the barn. So far I have caught six sparrows, two males and four females. I've only disposed of one bird and have five decoys in two traps (two females in trap 1, one female and two males in trap 2). For a while there was a male hanging around looking very unhappy. But, he left after a few days. I've not seen English sparrows in the vicinity for a while.Thanks for all you help and for making such a useful device available. Karen D

Over one hundred now!! Where do they keep coming from? At least the Martins are real happy this year. No more "gang attacks" from the sparrows. More Martins this year than ever before. I attribute this to the trap I bought from you. Thanks again, R C S

Hi: How often do you run across a product that actually works as advertised? I'm generally skeptical of effusive comments about a product, but in this case they are justified. My trap arrived about a week ago and has been vacuuming up sparrows from the second day it was placed. The pattern that has developed is this: I see a HOSP pair at my martin house. I go out and scatter just a little bit of white millet outside the trap and 3 or 4 seeds on the perch shelf--- just enough to attract the birds but not enough to fill them up. From the perch, they spot the millet bonanza on the bait shelf and hop right in. I like to think the greedy little buggers are intent on beating the decoy bird to the main stash…but who knows. Thanks for a great product! Ron in South Texas

I can tell from your web site that you hear these reports all the time, but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of thank yous! I received the trap and within 12 hours I released two wrens. After waiting two more days without anything, it started to work collecting HOSP. In the first two days of capture, I got five females and both of the male HOSP that have annoyed me and the local natives the most. I’m looking forward to more HOSP captures and a fully successful nesting season for the native birds. Steve D. Hedgesville, WV

Blaine, Today was our first day of trapping and we caught 8 this morning, using cheap bird seed, which is mostly millet and currently have 7 more in the trap. I disposed of the ones this morning by putting the trap in a large plastic bag and shot several squirts of engine starting fluid, which is ether, and closed the bag tight. 20 minutes later they were all knocked out cold, I took them out of the trap put them all in a plastic bag shot a couple of more squirts of starter fluid and tied it closed. Did a great job. Put the trap out and with in 10 minutes had caught two more. Now have seven. Great trap. Thanks. R. Larry M.

Uncle Blaine, I am a conservation officer in Mississippi and just ordered my second repeating trap from you. I actively manage my own purple martin colony and take care of several more for elderly women who cannot do it themselves. Sparrow and starling invasion is the #1 problem. I am a believer in your trap and ordered my second one to speed up the S&S removal process at my place. I only wish that everyone had one of these to control these little boogers so that purple martins could nest unbothered. Your trap is a very effective control method for non-native invasives like the house sparrow and European starling. I only wish that wild hogs and Asian carp would fit in it. Thanks, Rob H. Law Enforcement- Humphreys County, MS Mississippi Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

Bought a trap 3 years ago and have had great success. Good solid trap survives all weather conditions well. Dog destroyed it last night so I need to get another one. Glad you are still here. Thank you for a reliable product.

Blaine, I bought my trap last year. sparrows actually were going in and attacking my martins. I saw junior going from room to room. Junior is now deceased. great device that works and is affordable. thanks bunches I now nave 3 pair of nesting martins. I cant say thanks enough. Chris H, Georgetown, KY

Thanks Blaine, the trap works beautifully and your instructions are wonderful. so far we've trapped a total of 11 birds. The dispatch instructions were very helpful as well. don't like to do it but you are right, it must be done. My husband thought your trap was very cleverly designed. thanks, Kay and John D. and our bluebirds!

Hi Blaine! I bought your trap last spring and wanted you to know how well I like it still.  I disabled and baited with millet for much of the winter although I didn't like having the trap in the wet weather.  I installed my bluebird house 3-1, and with many weeks of no activity, yesterday I saw a pair of BB and a male house sparrow fussing about the house so I enabled the trap and caught two female sparrows.  Then this morning I caught a male, rebaited and left him in there.  Did some other chores and checked it in 2 hours, now I have 7 males! Oh Happy Day!  I am so smug and pleased!  The BB still have possession of house and I bet I have trapped the male that was bothering them.  I also have the type trap for the house if I need it.  I just wish all my neighbors would monitor their houses and eliminate sparrows---think the government would pass a law requiring everyone to trap sparrows?  I wish....

Hope you are doing good business and thanks again for your great product and super service! Lori W (KC Missouri area)

Just wanted to say thanks, the traps do work great. I've been catching house sparrows like crazy. That's why I've ordered two more.

Just wanted to submit a testimonial on your Hosp trap. It is day 3 and I set it up with the recommendations you had of placing a piece of plyboards underneath the trap. Woke up this morning and had one male hosp. Within 45 minutes, 5 more male hosps for a total of 6 hosps. It feels good knowing that we are making a small dent in this invasive species and giving some of our favorite song birds a chance to expand. This trap is incredible, it really works, my wife thought I got fleeced, to her surprise today, she is calling her Dad about getting one. I am not a paid endorser of this trap, if you want to get rid of Hosp, you gotta get Uncle Blaine's Hosp trap, it is that good. Thank you Blaine so very much! Tony Chicago, IL

Just a note to tell you I have already caught 6 sparrows and zero natives---with millet for bait. It works just like you say it does! What a concept in sales strategy! Thanks again, LW

Blaine - Unbelievable - 13 more today! You should call this the 'sparrow magnet' - or the 'sparrow vacuum - amazing - never would have believed it. Thanks again - Brad

'Uncle' Blaine, You are a genius! I caught my 2 Bluebird killers within minutes of receiving your fine product this morning.

Got my traps fast, thank you so much. These traps work great!! I will buy more! VERY fast ship, great trap for the money! Better than others I've bought. Thanks

An update Blaine. From 11/6/5 to today, 1/18/6 I've removed 478 HOSP! 288 males and 190 females. Amazing!

The sparrows seem to be figuring out the cheaper wire funnel trap I've got. No way for them to get out of this one, though!

I can't believe this Blaine. I caught 42 HOSP today. That makes almost 100 HOSP removed from the avian population at my home alone in just 7 days of active trapping.

Wow! I can not believe this trap. 6 sparrows the first day. A++++++++ Thanks

The best sparrow trap I've used, and I've tried them all! Exc. design/quality.

Caught eleven on the first day, I am now over 60 after two weeks

Blaine, Thought I should give you an update. Trap works VERY well. Biggest day is 14 birds. Stopped counting after 150.

Thanks for a great product that works better than you said.

Dear Mr. Johnson, I bought one of your repeating sparrow traps a few weeks ago, it works flawlessly. The engineering is super. I need one more trap. Please send ASAP.

Hi Blaine In 3 days have caught 27 sparrows and still going strong. Great trap.

Fast, fast, fast shipping!!!!!!!!!!!! Great trap!!!!!!! best I have ever used

The trap design is ingenious! We can appreciate the amount of work & time that go into making these, and consider your price very reasonable. Thanks for a great trap and the quick shipping.

2nd purchase, THESE THINGS REALLY WORK! fast shipping

Wonderful person to do business with. Trap is well worth the money and works.

Superb service and excellent trap!! Caught a dozen sparrows first couple days!!! FAST delivery. Traps are well constructed, great trapping tips as well. THANKS

Hi,I just wanted to tell you how great your trap is. I have only had the trap 10 days. I have caught 15 starling and 20 sparrows. I am very pleased with this trap. I am going to buy to more. Great trap! Thanks Jason

I have an interesting story about my sparrow trap you might like to hear. I had some good success with sparrows at the beginning, catching about two dozen in the first week. Now I had a lot of around last winter, but not too many this spring. However, several days ago the same neighbor who is feeding the sparrows also put out some suet in a non-starling proof feeder. That brought the starlings around again. And after the starlings finished the suet and the neighbor didn't fill the feeder again, they decided to try my peanut and sunflower feeders. So I decided to fight back. I adjusted the weight on the trap lever, replaced the millet seed with a hunk of store-brought suet, and caught five starlings the first day. Thanks for a great product.

I brought it out and set it up on a balcony on my storage barn, baited it with goodies, and hey! It's just steadily catching HOSP and STARLINGS (I didn't think they could get in but they do!) -- I have to thank you so much for this because I was about to give up on bluebirding rather than let my babies be ravaged by HOSP again.

I wanted to write again to tell you how great your trap works! Things were slow for a while, but yesterday I came home to find six House Sparrows and one Starling in the traps - fantastic! Thanks to your traps, I have disposed of 27 House Sparrows this year, up from only 7 last year. Once again, thank you for this great trap.

Just a little feed back on our new trap you sent us. Had it almost a month starting on May 19th. So far up to today, we have trapped 105 house sparrows and 5 starlings. Thanks for you help.

Today was a record day for me. 17 Starling at one time. Got back from the gym and my Mom told me the cage was filled to capacity. I said really? she said go look. Went out there and counted 17 Starling and 2 male Hosp. I had a group of about 50 Starlings terrorizing my yard, this past week, the flock has been cut down to 25, that's half!!! ... This trap is a magnet for Starlings, I can't figure it out but heck it's doing what it was suppose to do. I'll keep you posted Uncle Blaine.

Customer Videos

Customer video. Notice how the elevator arm is lowered, and as the bird enters the holding chamber, the elevator arm springs back and the trap is reset.







I am including a video for you to put on your web site for anyone who doubts the quality of your trap. I have now caught over a hundred sparrows in it and today, when I saw that I caught nine more, I thought I’d send you a picture of it and tell you how grateful I am for your product. It is very well made, simple to use, reasonably priced, and continues to pay for itself with catch after catch. It has survived a 10 foot fall twice (from opossums walking over it on the fence top) and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon. I wish everyone in my neighborhood would buy one. Thanks for a great product. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of sparrows. It works beautifully. D. Gary – Louisiana, USA